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More Kit donated to Tanzania

The Club is pleased to continue its association with donating used football kits, this time it was Tanzania via its contact Carole Tate from Park Run who has just returned from her visit. The school is Misigiyo in the Ngorogoro Conservation Area and the children are from Maasai families, many of them have lost one or both parents so they were overwhelmed to be given kit and happy to wear the colours of Ross Juniors FC.

They then played a match against the “Buffalo” team who are some of the staff at the and Beyond Ngorogoro Crater Lodge (NCL), there are around 1000 children at the school so the Club's small contribution was most appreciative as can been seen on the faces of the proud faces. The new kit spurred the team on as well to earn a 1-1 draw.

This carries on the Club's massive contribution to communities across the World who much less fortunate than ourselves.


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