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Australian Ashes

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On April 4th 2018, Ross Juniors FC hosted Australian touring side Wanderers FC.

A very wet Ross welcomed our Australian guests - the rain added to the authentic British football experience!


Alongside Ross U16s and Herefordshire PDC U16 Girls, the Australians, managed by Australian and Melbourne City stars Rhali Dobson and Amy Jackson, competed in a 3 way tournament.


The apocalyptic weather did not stop the fun though. A flooded River Wye meant the football was moved to the local school. Birmingham City Ladies stars Emily Westwood and Kerys Harrop popped by to say hello after coaching Ross Girls aged 8-10, though to be fair the football training turned into freshwater swimming. The tournament was narrowly won by the Herefordshire PDC side. All sides returned to the clubs clubhouse for food a social after.

As part of the festivities, some of our younger age groups also got in on the fun. The club's Under 12s team hosted the West Bromwich Albion PDC in a friendly, and our Under 8s & 9s girls also enjoyed some fantastic coaching in an excellent community event.

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