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Friday Football with Mark Derricott

Friday Football is back this week and you can now book it for free.

We are delighted to announce Friday Football is to be run by Hereford FC’s Mark Derricott. Mark is a local lad who played for Ross Juniors as a kid before going on to impress many clubs and being signed by Hereford FC. A young dynamic defender Mark has a promising future in the game and we look forward to him working with our young players.

There is more good news is that it’s now completely free to Ross Junior Club members (who have full or training only membership) but bookings in advance will be needed.

To book please follow this link, make sure you log into your love admin account as this will pre populate most of the form.

To become a club member message us or email (this is open to players from other clubs) for further info. Once a club member you qualify for these sessions as free!

Please do not turn up without booking in advance as limited numbers to ensure a quality experience.

As before school years 1 to 6 will be 6-7pm and years 7 to 9 7-8pm.

The first session will be this Friday 3rd November at John Kyrle.


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