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A night with Ian Holloway

Last night saw the final event of our 20th Anniversary Celebrations at the Sports Centre, an evening with Ian Holloway.

Hosted by the fantastic Richard “Crackers” Cracknell it was an insightful evening into what makes Ian tick as a person, player and a manager.

Ian and Crackers were a great partnership and both so welcoming to all. Alongside the laughter, the quick quips, raucous stories there were moments of poignancy and reflection.

Ian was incredibly complimentary of the clubs set up and facilities and its role in the community. He stayed nearby in Gorsley and had a trip to Ross during the day, making a purchase of a shirt from a charity shop which he wore in the evening.

The lovely food was supplied by the superb The Rumbling Tum and a big thanks to sponsors Ross Health and Fitness Dawleys and Express Windows Coleford Ltd.

Also a big thanks to Dan Morris for his assistance throughout and running the silent auction and to the army of volunteers who made the night memorable.

The weekend would not have been possible either without the generous help and support of great friends of the club Suttons Ross Ltd and Weston-under-Penyard School

A massive thank you to Chelsea Parkfields for the loan of the tables and chairs. You guys have been absolute stars.

And a big thank you to Andy from Rossiter Books for attending and donating to the club too.

Finally a big thanks to Will Cheshire Photography for the great photos.


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