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3rd place in County Futsal for U10 Colts

Point 4 in Hereford on Sunday 3rd November hosted the excellently run u10’s County Futsal Finals. The new format and organisation is fantast and thanks must go to Darren, Terry and the Futsal Futures team.

Ross Junior Colts were in group A alongside 6 other opponents. Top place would see the winners progress to the final and runner up would face Group B runners up in a 3rd/4th play off. The Colts team tarted off brilliantly with a great 6-0 win over Leominster u9’s and a 2-0 win over Ledbury Swift Rovers. Next up for the boys was Hereford FC, a 0-0 draw was played out with the boys feeling unlucky that a Ross goal bound shot at the end of the game was met by a whistle for full time half a second before it hit the net. Next up the boys played a very impressive Pegasus side and were comprehensively beaten 6-0.

The boys heads could have gone down after bad luck versus Hereford and a mailing but they didn’t. 2-0 wins against FC Phoenix and Bromyard saw Ross anxiously watching the last game of the group between Hereford and Pegasus. Ross needed Pegasus to draw or do better to give them second place, a tight 1-1 draw was played out meaning the boys had made the play off.

The play off saw Sam and Steve’s boys face their bogey side Orleton. In all previous encounters Ross had never managed to beat a well coached and organised Orleton team. When Orleton went 1-0

up it appeared history would repeat itself. Then Josh scores and then Reegan made it 2-1, the whistle went and the boys had finished 3rd in Herefordshire football. This is a monumental achievement for a Colts team who have improved year on year and even without 5 of the squad missing the boys did the club and themselves proud


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