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Alex to be Wales Women’s Mascot vs Lionesses

Last year on a club tour to the Women’s Euros has the once in a lifetime chance to be mascots and flag wavers for the England vs Spain game in Breda. It was a memorable night shown around the world and was the highlight of the trip.

Unfortunately that morning in a friendly against a local Breda team one of our players Alex ended up on crutches after getting injured. When we got to the stadium at Breda Alex was told she could no longer mascot as crutches weren’t allowed on the pitch. We were all gutted as was Alex understandably.

So you can imagine how excited we all are when thanks to Rebecca at FAW we heard Alex is to be mascot for Wales vs England on 6th April 2018 at St Mary’s Stadium. It more than compensated for last year and we can’t wait to see her on the pitch pre kick off. She is banned from playing football until the ! 

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