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Music night to open our 20th anniversary celebrations

On Friday 31st May at Ross Sports Centre we will be kickstarting our 20th anniversary with a night of music in our marquee.

We are delighted to have Popmasters 2021 winner Tom Cutter hosting. Not just a winner of Popmasters but the Champions League winner too! The event will be called Masters of Pop and will be a fun test of everyone's knowledge of pop music.

Ken Bruce and Phil Swern

from the Popmasters have been kind enough to send a letter of support endorsing the night.

We also have brilliant local cover band Bandinos playing throughout the evening and closing the evening. Also on hand are Pigs Pizzas with their pop up truck supplying the most incredible Neopalitan style pizzas. There will also be a covered beer garden and the clubhouse open all evening.

There will be prizes for quiz winners and an illustrious trophy for Ross' Masters of Pop.

Tickets for the evening are £5 per person and there is a maximum of 6 in a team. You can buy tickets individually and we can pair teams up on the evening too. Or if brave feel free to enter smaller teams.

It's going to be a lot of fun and a night to remember.

To book tickets or more info please email


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