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Our Community Programme


Not Just for Kids!


In developing a ‘Community Outreach Programme’, Ross Juniors FC has been true to it’s inclusive philosophy by creating opportunities for members of the community not ordinarily able to access a mainstream football environment. Using support networks within schools, the community, care homes and day centres, the club has enabled people to access a structured footballing opportunity which is appropriate for them.


This includes initiatives such as PAN Disability Football, which engages adults and young people with disabilities. Similarly, young people who may have confidence or mental health issues which hitherto has limited their involvement in playing the game are also supported by the programme. Partnerships with Care Homes, Day Centres and Dementia Groups offer residents and participants ‘Slipper Football’; football based activities that accept that the elderly residents are limited in their involvement by underlying medical and mobility conditions. The visits to care homes, day centres and breakfast clubs also provide the coaches with opportunities for supporting residents with dementia by sharing stories and reminiscing.

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