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Become a Ross Juniors Sponsor

We couldn't run our voluntary club without you. The support and help we get from our sponsors afford us the opportunity to keep our club afloat financially. So much of our kit and training wear for teams is sponsored by generous local businesses. We simply wouldn't have the funds ourselves to fund all the kit. We want to keep our subs low and make football affordable for all and this goes a long way in helping us to do this.

Here is our new sponsorship brochure for 2022, any assistance is appreciated. You can specify the items and for what team and in return we will invite you to present items to team and cover your support on social media and our website.

We have fantastic social media engagement and an impressive amount of followers. It's a great way of showing the local community what your business is about.

Email us at for a copy of our brochure or speak to any one of our coaches.


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